The Road

The Road - Poster-FINAL

Ever wanted to pedal from London to Bangkok in under 4 minutes? Click on this photo to do just that…..

Before we parted our shores Francesca’s cousin, Chris Riley, had a plan. He proposed that we take photos of the road ahead as we journeyed east. Some 4,500 images later, with Chris’ immense skill and dedication, you can now odycycle at a little over 73km per second from West to East. We are so grateful to him for bringing our old adventures back to life.

If you enjoy this short film please forward the link (Facebook, Twitter etc etc) to friends, family, colleagues or anyone who has 4 minutes of their day to spare.

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5 Responses to The Road

  1. Lydia says:

    SO INCREDIBLE! Well done Chris and the Odycyclists! I was totally gripped, smiling and amazed, the entire film through. Posting on facebook now…

  2. Bron P says:


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  3. Emma Secher says:

    Just brilliant! Made me cry! Emmax

  4. This film is wonderful, very moving plus beautiful sound effects. We loved the blog, this is the icing on the cake! Well done to all
    Robin and Paul

  5. Well done, guys – this is brilliant. Brought back so many happy memories from my own ride…

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