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The Road

Ever wanted to pedal from London to Bangkok in under 4 minutes? Click on this photo to do just that….. Before we parted our shores Francesca’s cousin, Chris Riley, had a plan. He proposed that we take photos of the … Continue reading

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Our Next Adventure…..

When we hung up our cycling shorts and kicked back for some well deserved rest earlier this year, little did we know that the idea of our next Odycycle adventure was already brewing…. No, we are not about to depart … Continue reading

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Ithaca Calling to the Faraway Towns

We are now back home, down by the River. Pedalling around on our old city bikes, encountering those familiar assault courses of pot-holes, cycle-unfriendly intersections and madcap gyratory systems that some civil-servant signed off on without ever comprehending the perils … Continue reading

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Thailand – Coming to rest in the floodlands

Bath time When we used to roll around playing in the mud as kids, the day would inevitably conclude with a soak in the bath that, when drained, would deposit a tell-tale scum line of a day’s high adventure in … Continue reading

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Australia – Unclad in the Lucky Country

“The wind was now fair, the sky serene…and the termperature of the air delightfully pleasant. Joy sparkled in every countenance and congratulations issued from every mouth. Ithaca itself was scarcely more longed for by Odysseus, than Botany Bay by the … Continue reading

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Angkoring after Cambodia

Like horses that smelt the stable, our pace has begun to quicken beyond a trot. Ably assisted, no doubt, by the absence of hills and fountains, moors and mountains. Just the soothing tarmac of northwestern Cambodia and its landing-strip highway … Continue reading

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Down by Lao, and we know our way around

His name was Dong Muan and he sat enthroned by the carcasses of dozens of 12 foot-high bombs that stack up as the grimmest of rural furniture in this part of central Laos. Following years of nigh-on incessant fly-overs by … Continue reading

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Vietnam – Friend or Phở?

Hand a crayon to a small child and ask them politely to draw some mountains. Most likely your little artist’s method of choice will be to clutch the implement dagger-like and repeatedly stab score marks, lie-detector style, onto the page, … Continue reading

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Yunnan – Leaping Tiger, Crouching Rice Grain

“I’d rather cry in a BMW car, than laugh on the backseat of a bicycle”. These, of course, are not the words of Francesca, offered in return to Sam’s courting gesture that the two of us cycle across the world. … Continue reading

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Spiky Sichuan and its flying phlegm

We wake up in those grotty hours between 6am and 7:30am when the most cacophonously feral activity to ever grace this earth is in full swing. A pursuit that appears to form the very quintessence of what is to be … Continue reading

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