NEWS FLASH! First Orbit World Premier…


Tonight is Yuri’s Night! And a very special one – the 50th anniversary of Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin’s first human journey into outer space.

Since we could not find one nearby in Greece, we (Sam, Louis and I) are having our very own Yuri’s Night in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki by (Yuri's) Night

In just a few hours it is the world premier of First Orbit, a film made to commemorate the occasion by the wonderful Dr Chris Riley.

Tune in to YouTube and  watch the premier for free at midnight GMT tonight (12th April 2011). Filmed entirely from orbit on board the International Space Station, matching the ground path of the ISS with that of Vostok 1 to record a new HD view of what Gagarin might have seen, this is an amazingly exciting giant leap in cinematic history.

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  1. Pedram says:

    Hi guys – I’ve been thinking a lot about you this past week. Am in Montreal now and went biking on the first day where temperatures went above 0C and ended up doing 60km (for the first time in years). My butt was on fire and it made me think of you (and it lowered my jealousy attacks). Good luck, P.

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