The Land of My Father…..

warm showers welcome odycyclists to the continent

Warm showers welcome odycyclists to the continent

O.O.O. Where to begin? The bagels at 7am on 12 Feb in my sister’s London kitchen. This seems as sensible a starting place as any. 312km from Breda, NL, where we currently find ourselves being cared for by the good people, Frans and Evelyn, who we have come to know through (More about that website later…. not as dodgy as you might think!).

Sam touring the sites of homage with Frans in Breda

Sam touring the sites of homage with Frans in Breda

But I digress. This blog entry was supposed to called, “I blame Hosni Mubarak….” Francesca, as arch editor-in-chief would not allow for this. Let me explain. No, let me summarise. [a line from the Princess Bride]. The blog was to carry that title because I had hoped to sit leisurely supping a cup of tea in our old front room crafting my first ever blog, but former Mr Pres Mubarak finally considered his days in power numbered and resigned. World events such as this can be distracting. And so it proved. Far from completing an edifying entry to odycycle, I simply ended up watching news reel and reading internet reports.

Respect to the dead

Respect to the dead

So we now find ourselves further down the road than anticipated before our first report. We still await our first exhausting rain-soaked day but it is yet to arrive. So far touched only by a cold winter sun and gentle winds (albeit in our faces from The Hook of Holland to Breda. Flat as the proverbial pancake and replete with wonderful cyclepaths that snake across the entire countryside. Civilisation.

Fresh off the Boat

Fresh off the Boat

The Netherlands: This is the land of my Dad. You don’t get a name like Blom-Cooper from UK ancestry. Blom-Cooper originates from Bloemen Koper (Flower Buyer). And I have seen a few. I am yet to fulfil my true identity and buy any tulips so far but feel right at home nonetheless.

Surprisingly comfortable

Surprisingly comfortable

Those buttery bagels feel a long way away…. exchanged for the life-giving stroopwafels that we are munching along the way. Ah the joys of the bottomless stomach that can never get quite enough to satisfy all the calories burned….

Extraordinarily, another beautiful, flat, dutch bike path.

Extraordinarily, another beautiful, flat, dutch bike path.

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10 Responses to The Land of My Father…..

  1. Emma Secher says:

    Missing you loads already! We have been eagerly awaiting your first post! Have a syrup waffle on us. We ate a few in your honour at Kew Gardens yesterday. Ben is off this week and we took the babies for a walk through the orchid house. Tons of love xxx

  2. Lydia Wilson says:

    I’m missing you too! How are the bikes bearing up, and are you getting used to the weight of five panniers? Does anyone ever get used to that? Loads and loads of love to you, and keep blogging please xxxxx

  3. Lydia Wilson says:

    Oh, and are you taking enough photos to satisfy Dr Riley?

  4. Judy says:

    Sounds more fun than this dull, grey day in Cambridge in front of my Mac Pro!

  5. Louis Blom-Cooper says:

    Delighted to hear from you the land you are in is strictly that of uoy grandparetnts on both sides while you are in breda have a look at the local prison it is- panoptican designed by jefremy bentham lots of love from dad

    Ps my main news is that the murder book went to the publisher on Monday, here’s hoping for a good reception when published in June.

  6. Hannah Blom-Cooper says:

    I think you should definitely get some tulips for the bikes as a nod to your forefathers and as a mark of respect to Hendrika (The Cow who Fell in the Canal by Phyllis Krasilovsky see

    Keep posting and keep pedalling!


  7. Davide e Nina says:

    Good to see you have finally left – was starting to think you had packed yourselves up and were safely in a card board box at Bark Barn. First couple days sound great and very flat!!, but that may not last!! We are both fine and looking forward to your next newsy news.

  8. Madeleine Young says:

    Aha me hearties!

    Glad to hear about the lack of rain-soaked days, and wonder if that record still holds good?

    Keep finding You two surprising my thoughts as I wonder where You are and what You’re seeing at certain given moments…

    Sending Loads of Love and Hugs to You, wherever You are!

  9. Davide e Nina says:

    Well… we are both hoping you have dodged the foul weather up there so far!!. If you can see the black berry inside the tent, let’s know what your next few towns are !!. Take care both of you. Do you have a number that we can SMS??
    Lotsa luv Davide e Ninaxxxx

  10. Martha says:

    Hey G & F,
    Glad to hear your trip got off to a good gastronic start. Here’s to continuing in the same vein with cakes in Austria. Please wave to Martina as you fly through Germany too.
    Lots of love, Mxxx

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