Our Next Adventure…..

When we hung up our cycling shorts and kicked back for some well deserved rest earlier this year, little did we know that the idea of our next Odycycle adventure was already brewing….

No, we are not about to depart our fair shores once more, with tents and pots and pans and just bicycles for company. Our next adventure is of a much more domestically-rooted form and one that has, in just its first 6 days, provided us with ever-greater highs than a year cycling across continents, and a smidge of sleep deprivation too.

In the late evening last week our new Odycyclist friend, Aurelia, was born in our front room. She came swimming into the world (not cycling!). She has beautifully-long cycling legs, however, and we can not wait for her to take us out for her first spin on the roads of the globe.

Dreaming of bicycles....

Dreaming of bicycles….

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20 Responses to Our Next Adventure…..

  1. Alexis says:

    That is a handsome baby! Welcome Aurelia! Well done, parents! Hope everyone is feeling healthy — despite the sleep deprivation. NYC has great cycling opportunities, come visit! Much love from cousins-out-of-law Alexis and Tariq Danzig

  2. Francesca E. Blom-Cooper says:

    Of course, one cannot help but try to see which features belong to which parent….cannot seem to do this as she is a bit of you both and wholly herself.

  3. Lydia Wilson says:

    When’s her first critical mass then? And I echo Alexis: come to NYC and show her off here! She’s beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her…

  4. Michelle Templeton says:

    We love her already and can’t wait to meet her! (oh, and we’re fond of her parents too) xo
    Michelle, Angus and Charlie

  5. Parveen says:

    Awww isn’t she beautiful! Many congratulations to you both. This is the beginning of a wonderful and happy adventure that will involve sleep deprication, hunger, an upside down house, tripping on toys everywhere and a child who will say NO to everything! When she says mama and dada, it will make your heart melt… Enjoy every second because she will grow up before you know it:) Lots of special hugs to aurelia from rayyan (aged 4) and I xxx

  6. Martin says:

    Congratulations from Glasgow! I’m glad to read the news here. Enjoy this great journey!

  7. Saba Arab says:


    Many, many congratulations. She is absolutely beautiful! I wish you the most incredible joy on your new adventure!

    Much love


  8. Welcome in this world, beautiful little Aurelia.
    It would be so nice to see you and Francesca and Sam someday in Winterthur/Switzerland.
    Rosa Maria & Reto, the elderly two cyclists from the Pamirs

  9. Hannah Blom-Cooper says:

    We have seen your legs Aurelia and can just imagine them wrapped around some steel a la Belleville Rendezvous (2003)! We can’t wait to kick a football, hunt Easter eggs, fly a kite, play hide and seek, bake meringues, run, dance and jump….with you. Love Louis (6) Mackie (2).

  10. Congratulations from Singapore and Tehran! She’s as gorgeous as her parents. It’s quite clear from all the messages that Aurelia’s first world tour is already overdue!

  11. Vicki and Robert Pettigrew says:

    Absolutely beautiful. She looks pure delight and we can’t wait to meet her. xx

  12. Noemi Nemes says:

    Yuppi!!!!! I am soo happy you finally arrived! I just turned one when you gave your parents the 5th night of welcome-to-the-world-of-sleep-deprivations:-) I’m surrounded by babyboys, so I cannot wait to meet you little Aurelia! What a beautiful name, and what an angel-like face, I surely will cuddle you all over when I meet you! LEONARD
    Wonderful job Sam and Francesca, all my respect for you, as I always dreamt about giving birth in water too – I cannot think of any better way of arrival to this world! We cannot wait to hear more, till then sending you lots of energies and love!! NOEMI and MACIEK

  13. Auntie Jude says:

    What a glorious adventure – I shall share it with you every step of the way! Auntie Jude XXXXXXXXXX

  14. ARTiSAN says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby-girl Aurelia! Cannot wait to see her first picture cycling on this blog 😉

  15. Judith Vidal-Hall says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful golden girl — love your name. Walk high on your legs/stilts and enjoy the world. Judith

  16. Keith Tan says:

    Congratulations!! Wonderful story….

  17. Clare Roskill says:

    Delighted to hear of the arrival of Aurelia. She looks charming and I am so glad she has long legs. Hope all the family is well. I am sure she will soom have her head up ready for cycling. Lot of love Clare

  18. Mady Kawahara says:

    She’s absolutely perfect – can’t wait to meet her. Lots of love to all. Mady

  19. Mirjam says:

    Very excellent news and many congratulations – daughters are wonderful!
    Mirjam and Ian.
    ps I’ll start knitting if you send me a postal address!

  20. hello my dear friends
    miss you and wish to see this time all the cyclist family in iran
    take care and just have fun

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