Sneaking past the censors….

We write to you from behind closed doors. This is going to be a very short and sweet blog. We speak in hushed tones on the back row of a backstreet alleyway internet café with the nervous assistance of the owner. We are online but only just. Odycycle with its insurrectionary spirit coursing through every word is a threat to the regime here and we are BANNNED. Hence the use of a remote server and our friendly geek.

We are now in an undisclosed location in Iran and having a wonderful time. Shhhhhh, don’t tell the Mullahs. We will probably write more via our home team in the next week or two as we can not bear the tension of committing illegal acts in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We look forward to communicating uncensored again soon (probably from the bastion of free speech that is Turkmenistan!!) Keep posting the comments. We promise they will appear on the blog eventually.

Peace from the Republic…….

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3 Responses to Sneaking past the censors….

  1. Paul van Est says:

    Salaam Aleikum Simon and Fransesca,

    Looks like you had a wonderful time in Egypt an Jordan, the pictures are lovely.
    Presently I am in Tehran with friends of friends that have a VPN internet connection: facebook, my blog, skype with the family: lucky me.
    Normal internet in Iran works odd, sometimes it bans gmail, skype, your blog etc., sometimes not. Keep trying I would say.
    Iran is amazing, especially the people, they bomb you with hospitality, food, drinks, homestay offers and human interest.
    You can easily apply in advance for a 5-day Turkmen transit visum. Vali in Mashad takes the bureaucratic hassle hurdles for you with great pleasure, he’s an expert world cyclists assistent, city guide and you can stay overnight with him and his wife, who is an outstanding cook. I have his e-mail, which can easily be found on L.P. and internet as well.

    ´N-joy your time,

    Cheerio, Paul

  2. Madthav says:

    Hi Franky and Sam,

    Sounds like an amazing trip so far. I’m really impressed you’re making it so far and so fast!

    seems like al ittle while isnce the last posting from Iran though so i hope it’s all still going to plan??

    Good luck!


  3. Shantel says:

    Haven’t heard from you in a bit and hope that all is well. I await with glee the next chapter of this adventure–’tis my vice to sit alone at the computer in the dark living room, after the baby and Fausto have gone to sleep, reading and re-reading the entries and excitedly staring at the slide shows of photos. A combination of jealously (I won’t lie), pride, and the swelling in the breast one gets when reminded that life is so much more than can be remembered when caught in the daily grind, fills my heart and I can happily go off to sleep, inspired to do MORE tomorrow and to make a vibrant world for my young son. Thank you both for that.

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