25 days to go!

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13 Responses to 25 days to go!

  1. Cith Skelcher says:

    Hey this is so great!!!! So proud of you guys. Are you accepting sponsorship – how is that working?

  2. Hannah Blom-Cooper says:

    I am furiously jealous and puffed-up-chest proud and just a little bit excited. I am clearing space for home team HQ. Where’s our map?

    • Sam George says:

      The map is on the way. Its all a little technical and frightening for us website-design novices. Will do our best.

  3. Francesca E. Blom-Cooper says:

    I am also thrilled that you are going on this journey. Keep the website updated so we can follow your progress, and continue your blue route line to your final destination, or as you go along.

    Hey, are you flying back?
    How about a slow boat, back from China?

  4. Phil & Kara says:

    Is it too late to change the route? We think you should travel east to west and make a stop in California. I hear they make boats you can power with pedals.
    Love and good wishes,
    Phil & Kara and girls

  5. Tami and Chris says:

    We can’t wait to follow your adventures and live vicariously through you! Good luck!

    Much love,

    Tami and Chris

  6. I am absolutely fascinated with your proposed adventure on two wheels!!. Will it be just the two of you, or are there others?. You both deserve medals before you have even started!!. I have looked at our basic world map and written down some cities and towns along your proposed route. Will send them to you when we are next in the library. Do you want a 70 years young uomo to accompany you? or is that asking too much!! Maybe your Auntie as well for part of the way!!!

  7. Martha says:

    Well I am truly envious of the amazing places you will visit but not envious of the pedalling – now if you could just arrange for a side car, I’d be with you in a flash!
    Will be willing you on every pedal rotation of the way. Mx

  8. Mady Kawahara says:

    George and Francesca,
    I’m so excited for you and look forward to following along your journey.
    Lots of love, Mady

  9. Clem says:

    Oh, hello! This is exciting.

    Will see you soon but wanted to send some pedal-power, of sorts, to help you power through the preparations and beyond…

    Lots of Love

    Clemmie xxx

  10. Emma Secher says:

    Was so nice to see you guys yesterday. We will miss you so much and can’t wait to read all about your adventures. Aloe will receive lots of love while you are away. loads of love xxx

  11. Davide e Nina says:

    Am getting ten medals printed for you both and you have only reached the Rhine valley!!…. what on earth are you doing? Sent you a message the other day, but its not on here Oh well!!. We thought our house was cold in the evening over a Tuscan red, but its warm now in comparison to the frost bite on your three left toes Sam!!. I will have the medals ready to present to you both when we all meet up… hopefully somewhere on the Dalmation Coast. In the mean time we must all keep cycling!!

  12. Grand-Langue says:

    Félicitations pour ce magnifique projets réalisé. Vous êtes inspirants.

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