We are raising money for Macmillan Nurses. Any donation is hugely appreciated and you can donate direct to Macmillan Cancer Support by clicking on the link below.

2 Responses to Charity

  1. Hi Sam & Francesca !!
    This is Marion & Patrick the 2 frenchy, we met us in Songpan…
    We are in the Loft Guesthouse in Chengdu, we get your pack. We are going to Kunming today, so we can leave the pack tomorrow there. We will let you know the name of the Guesthouse later.
    Keep enjoy bycicling and take care !

    P & M


  2. Hi George? Sam?

    Ive always known you as George! Anyway its Sammy Man here. You remember me. Jason Ng’s younger more handsome and generally far superior cousin 🙂

    Just saw an article in the Cholmeleian about your amazing journey and doing good for charity. Very very inspiring! I am on a similar trail not as physical but working towards providing education for children in the east by selling Chinese tea to the West.

    Please get in contact ( for a catch up or we will be at a Village Green Market @ Hackney Down Studios most Sundays during August 2014.

    Would be great to see you after all these years!


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